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Michael Breneger

Michael Breneger

Michael Breneger

Michael graduated from James Cook University with a Bachelor of Law in September 2019 before being admitted as a Solicitor in 2021.

Originally hailing from Rockhampton, Michael moved to Townsville to pursue his studies and now career.

Michael commenced private practice in January 2021 before joining Rapid Legal Solutions in October 2021.

Michael enjoys assisting his clients in navigating their legal issues whilst seeking to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

Michael has practised in Criminal Law, Family Law, Estate Planning, Administrative Law, Civil Litigation and Property Law. To date Michael has appeared in both the Magistrates and District Courts.

In his private life, Michael enjoys spending time with his partner and is an avid foodie. He also has an interest in tropical fish and setting up aquatic fish tanks and breeding fish.

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