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A Digital Life in Death or Incapacity - 28 September 2018

It is estimated that each month, 15 million Australians post on their Facebook accounts, 3 million comment on Twitter, 9 million share pictures on Instagram, 4 million use Snapchat, 2.7 million search for the love of their lives on Tinder, while 4.2 million Au
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Queensland Farm Management Grant - 18 October 2018

The Queensland Government has made available Farm Management Grants for eligible primary producers and farmers or their relatives to contribute towards the costs of obtaining professional, legal and financial advice when contemplating passing onto the next gen
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Obtaining a Work Licence after a drink driving charge - 09 April 2018

A “work licence” is a restricted licence which the Court may order upon an application to the Court by a person charged with a drink driving offence, in certain circumstances. The application to the Court and the Order must be made before the pers
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Is your Executor who you think they are - is your Will worded correctly? - 04 April 2018

The importance of the wording of your Will when appointing an Executor: how your Executor’s Enduring Power of Attorney can have an impact on your Will. Word your Will so that only a person chosen by you distributes your Estate It is important when you a
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What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance? - 02 November 2016

What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance? Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is a mortgage policy that will protect the lender in the event that the borrower defaults on their home loan. If a borrower defaults on their home loan, and the property is repossessed by the
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Electronic Conveyancing - 17 June 2016

A national electronic conveyancing system (Property Exchange Australia "PEXA") has been rolled out throughout Australia to streamline the settlement process and to provide buyers and sellers with the same technological advances available to them through t
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Early Possession Prior to Settlement - 03 June 2016

Early possession is where a buyer requests that they be allowed access to the property they are purchasing before settlement has been completed.  A buyer will typically seek early possession where they require sufficient time to move their possessions, or
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The Cooling-Off Period - 27 May 2016

A standard residential Contract of Sale is subject to a five (5) business days cooling-off period.  In effect, this means that the buyer may terminate the Contract for any reason whatsoever during the five (5) business days from the time the buyer or thei
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Fixtures or Chattels? - 20 May 2016

Considering Buying or Selling a Property soon? Which items will stay and which will go? It is important to clarify what items are being included in the sale of a property. The Contract of Sale will normally specify what moveable items (chattels) will remain wi
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Power of Attorney Explained - 11 May 2016

When a person is considering estate planning there are key documents that you should have drafted. A Will is a legal document which outlines how your assets will be distributed after your death. A power of attorney is a legal document which protects you in lif
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