Divorce, separations, annulments, and other marriage or relationship problems are never an easy obstacle, be it physically, emotionally, or legally. With a team of dedicated family lawyers in Townsville, we can offer our services to help deal with the legal aspect and relieve you of at least a small part of the burden.

During a separation there are usually a number of difficult decisions which need to be made involving children and property. Rapid Legal Solutions offers advice on a variety of areas relating to Family Law including:

Children’s Matters/Parenting

There is nothing more important than your children.  Our team will assist you in ensuring the welfare of your children takes priority.  We can assist you with parenting arrangements and you can rely on our team to ensure that we will work hard for your child’s best interests.

Property Settlements

Our Townsville family lawyers can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome for the final resolution of the ownership of property as a result of a relationship breakdown.  The division of property can include bank accounts, shares, insurance policies, houses, investment properties, motor vehicles, business interests, furniture, land and other assets.  Superannuation is also taken into account.


Divorce is the termination of a marriage.  Our Townsville family lawyers can assist you in achieving this whether the divorce application is a sole application or joint application.  Remember, a divorce is not a property settlement.

Financial Agreements

The Family Law Act provides for married or defacto spouses to document agreements reached as to how property is to be dealt with either at the commencement of the relationship, during the relationship or after the breakdown of the relationship.  These agreements can address a whole host of issues including how assets, including superannuation, will be divided and what maintenance (if any) is to be provided by one party to another if separation occurs. 

Separation Agreements

Also known as a ‘deed of separation’ or ‘property settlement agreement’, separation agreements define the terms of a financial separation between couples. With a well-drafted agreement, couples save each other a lot of time, money and stress by preventing disputes and settling matters out of court.

Consent Orders

Consent Orders are an agreement between you and your former spouse or partner on the division of property and parenting matters where the agreement is in writing and approved by the Federal Circuit Court or the Family Court.  Consent Orders may deal with all financial matters including property, spousal maintenance and superannuation.  Consent Orders can be a cost effective and time friendly option over taking matters to Court. 

Our team of family lawyers in Townsville can provide advice to people experiencing issues regarding numerous aspects of family law. Our team makes it a point to listen and understand your needs to come up with the most appropriate advice and services.

Should you require the assistance of one of our family lawyers in Townsville please contact our office through enquiries@rapidlegal.com.au or call us on 07 4755 9100 to discuss.