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Ross Vecchio

Ross Vecchio

Ross Vecchio

Ross is a Solicitor of the Supreme Court and High Court having been admitted in December 1997.  Ross will celebrate 25 years of legal practice in December 2022.  He was born and bred in the Burdekin cane farming district and has strong cultural and social ties to North Queensland.

Ross practises in the areas of Estates, Commercial Law, Business Law, Family Law, Leases, Companies, Trusts, Partnerships, Property, Criminal Law, Traffic Offences, Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Ross was attracted to the law by the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and assist his clients in important legal and life decisions. Ross is aware that legal problems can have a devastating impact upon a person’s life and wellbeing as well as that of their family in personal, financial and other ways.  Ross attempts to provide his clients with solutions to those legal problems.

Ross says his time as a Solicitor has given him the opportunity to learn how the world works and to pass this knowledge onto his clients for their benefit.  Ross not only gains insight from his clients but he learns from them in the process.

The local police sergeant once described Ross as a “bulldog”.  He used to tell his constables that if they ever needed a lawyer they should contact Ross!

However, Ross has empathy for his clients and will advise them on what they need. He gives practical and impartial advice and always listens to the needs of his clients.  Ross has the ability to think laterally, and if there is a solution to a client’s problem which may be out of the ordinary but within the bounds of the law, then Ross will try to find it.  Ross also enjoys mentoring others in law.

When Ross is not practising law you can find him tinkering in the shed “fixing things”.  His hobbies include good conversation, watching movies, reading and spending time with family. 

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